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To be the leading real estate company in Badr City and East Cairo In a way that meets the aspirations, ambitions, and desires of our valued customers.
The strategy
Improving real estate development and investment methods and creating distinctive and attractive real estate projects in the urban renaissance through:
  • Leading the real estate market with an innovative vision.
  • Developing human resources and creating a healthy work environment
  • Developing work systems and policies and adhering to them
Why Badr City..

The city was established by Prime Minister’s Decision No. 235 of 1982 with an area of 2,971.34 acres. The city’s area was modified by several decisions until it became an area of 18,545.43 acres by Republican Decree No. 87 of 2009.

The city is located on the Cairo/Suez Road, 47 km from Cairo.

The city is about 230 meters above sea level, which results in the temperature being 4 degrees lower than normal.

The total area of the city is 18.5 thousand acres, of which 14.2 thousand acres are urban blocks divided into

Residential 7018 acres.

Serving 2173 acres.

Green areas: 3956 acres.

Planned regional and logistical areas of approximately 580 acres.

The total number of residential lands in the city is about 22,738 plots of land.

The total number of units established in the city is about 92,280 units.

According to the strategic plan, the city's current population is 250 thousand people and is expected to reach 840 thousand people in 2030.

15 schools are operating.

2 operating universities (Russian University - Badr University).

More than 15 plots of land have been designated for universities, and construction is underway on some of them.

1 university hospital (city center) is equipped with 100 beds.

International Medical Center - Police Hospital - Coptic Hospital.

3 medical centers operating in the neighborhoods (first - third - economic).

3 health units.

The city's main bus station was developed and upgraded.

The city has been linked to 12 public and mass transit lines linking the city to the areas of Ahmed Helmy - Hadayek Al-Qubba - Al-Sayyeda Aisha - Ataba.

The neighborhoods were connected to 6 internal transportation service lines for the neighborhoods (Second - Third - Fifth Social Housing - Fourth Build Your Home - Economic Housing - Industrial).

Building 71 - First District - Fourth Neighborhood - Badr City - Cairo.



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