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Our Services

Decorations work.

The department aims to introduce modern technologies in decoration work that meet customer needs with the latest materials available in the global and local markets.


We have a distinguished work team to carry out all building and construction work, starting from digging the plot of land until the final delivery to the client.

Development solutions.

Through the company's initiatives, Next Real Estate fights commissions and prices in all forms, and the company's ideas develop continuously based on the desires and ideas of the client.

Residential, administrative, and commercial units.

We have commercial stores and administrative units for those looking for a special project. We also have more than 25 residential units ready for immediate delivery with different payment systems that satisfy all customer requirements.

Licensing and Business progress follow-up.

We have a service to facilitate procedures and deal with the water, electricity, and gas companies through the company’s engineers. The company follows up on the progress of the business and informs the customer of it firsthand. The company is distinguished by its after-sales service and achieving credibility and trust between it and its customers.

Building 71 - First District - Fourth Neighborhood - Badr City - Cairo.



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